The water and waste water pipe and Distribution Repair Experts

A malfunctioning pipe can do more than affect your system. It can result in halted production and hurt your water revenue. Municipal Pipe Services has spent years helping companies around the U.S. ensure their piping system runs as efficiently as possible, and have experience providing a variety of services to meet any unique customer need.

Solve Your Water Expansion, Repair, & Insertion Problems

With offices in Iowa and Nebraska, Municipal Pipe Services has the equipment and expert staff to be able to provide pipe and distribution services to companies around the nation in a variety of industries. We can confidently work on virtually any type of pipe system, including but not limited to, water, wastewater, gas, industrial pipelines, fuel and oil pipes, gravity forced water mains, and more. Whether you are searching for hot tap, line stopping services, or valve insertion products, Municipal Pipe Services has what you need. With under pressure installations, work is accomplished with minimal to no system outages.

Connect to and expand your existing system
under pressure, with no outages.

Bypass and isolate specific sections
of your system for repairs or replacement
of pipe, valves, and hydrants.

Use an insertion valve to provide
a permanent valve on an already existing
water main with no outages needed.

Complete maintenance without
shutting down your entire system.

View various other types of tooling to
help make your system more efficient.

Limit Your Liability and Save on Repair Costs

At Municipal Pipe Services, we are committed to making your project a success by keeping costs down, staying within a set timeline, and maintaining transparency. Our pledge to you includes:

  • Continuous service to large users
  • Virtually no delays on getting your system back in service
  • No problems with rechlorinization, no issues of "boil" orders, no loosening of deposits and water discoloration, and no backflow problems
  • No costly loss of water revenue
  • No hidden or unknown costs
  • Uninterrupted fire protection

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We get the opportunity to help customers solve their unique piping and distribution needs all over the United States. Take a look at some of the recent projects we have completed.

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