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We need a valve installed in a critical supply water line, but can’t shut the hospital off. Do you have a process to cover this?

Yes! Our valve insertion methods allow for installation of a permanent gate valve without any disruption in flow, and you are able to stay in control of your system.

Can your products be used to make emergency repairs like a broken water main?

Yes, our line stopping procedures enable quick shutdowns of areas without putting large areas out of service. We will isolate only the break area and make repairs as needed.

Can your crews respond to emergencies?

Yes! Our 24/7 phone access allows quick contact for emergency responses. Our crews have immediate access to repair products like couplings, valves, clamps, hydrants, piping, etc. which provides you with innovative solutions to help resolve any issues.

Can these methods work on all pipes?

We are able to work on any pipe type including metal (ductile iron, cast iron, steel, copper, etc.), PVC plastic pipe, cement/mortar pipe (PCCP, RCP, AC, mortar-lined, etc.), and we are even able to work with HDPE and PE pipe. Contact us if you have any questions about your specific material.

Can I use pipe freezing to shut down a line to enable repairs?

Yes, you can. Pipe freezing can effectively provide safe line stops to isolate and repair your systems. Some limitations of use (no flow conditions required) make the use of mechanical line stops the method of choice. Tap into our years of experience to help you make decisions regarding safe and effective system solutions.

What size of pipes can you service?

Our shops have the equipment to repair anything from ½” to 36” pipe systems with access to services up to 60”. We stock a large selection of sleeves for repairs, and with years of experience in the industry, we have access to a pool of larger equipment contractors that we have joined forces with to service larger needs.

We are looking to expand our system without shutting it down. Is it possible to tap size on size on a pipe (i.e. 12” DI, CI, PVC with a 12” branch tap)?

Yes! Size on size expansion taps are performed successfully with modern tapping sleeves and methods. This is true for all pipe sizes.

Do you still have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us and a member from Municipal Pipe Services will be able to provide you with the answer you need.

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