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Are you looking for a new equipment purchase, to update old equipment, sleeves, or valves? Municipal Pipe Services provides sales, services, and repairs for all your tapping and line stopping/insertion equipment. As a premier Hydra Stop provider/distributor and TEAM insertion valve installer, we carry a large stock of inventory and can quickly respond to your needs to help you accomplish your projects on time.

Municipal Pipe Services is directly linked to Municipal Supply, allowing us to quote small and large projects and provide the material needed to enable infrastructure repairs. Choose from various styles of large valves and tapping sleeves and get your equipment shipped directly to your work site.

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We sell ICS concrete/ductile iron chainsaws in gas, hydraulic, or air driven models as well as chains and bars and their respective repair parts. We also carry a full line of U.S. Saws diamond blades for your cutoff saws and a full line of specialty underground utility wrenches, hydrant wrenches, and underground service line pullers. Our supplier list includes Trumbull, Mueller, JCM, USA, Grice, COBE, Relton, ROMAC, FORD, Smith Blair, and more

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PowerGrit Utility Chain Saw

This chain saw is designed to utilize a brazed layer diamond coating and durable chain platform to cut through anything from plastic pipe to ductile iron with minimal excavation. The operator doesn't have to exert as much effort and the total time to complete the job is drastically minimized due to the user being able to access the entire cut from one position.

The pipe clamp accessory from PowerGrit brings a level of safety, ease, and accuracy by using a simple adaptor that dramatically reduces the effort it takes to handle the saw. This provides a solid and stable cutting platform that increases cut precision.

Lupatco Tapper

Are you in search of an inexpensive tool that taps water mains under pressure within seconds? The Lupako tapper is able to clean mineral buildup and eliminates split plastic water mains and retrieves the slug with the withdrawal of the cutter. This tapper is hand powered by a wrench or a small, cordless electric drill and is ideal for tapping cast iron, plastic, PVC, and steel pipes.

¾" and 1" flare and Mueller iron pipe thread sizes available

Jr. Hydra-Stopper

The Jr. Hydra-Stopper is rated to 100 psi and comes and comes as a ¾"-2 ½" tap and ¾"-2" line stop. This stopper works on various types of material including asbestos cement, cast iron, copper pipe, ductile iron, plastic, and steel pit cast.

U.S. Saws, Diamond Saw Blades

This premiere pipe cutting blade works on a variety of materials including ductile iron, plastic, cast iron, rebar, wood, angle iron, and more. Diamond saw blades from U.S. Saws are vacuum braised and are known for being fast and providing a smooth cut every time.

Trumbull Adjustable Underground Wrench

The adjustable underground wrench by Trumbull is a versatile piece of equipment that works on lug and pin-type hose couplings and hydrant adapters. Conveniently weighing only four pounds, it can fit around square and pentagon nuts and has a zinc-chromate coating, making it resistant to corrosion.